The Truth About Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard Revealed

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Snoring Mouth GuardA snoring mouth guard, whether fitted professionally or not, is a jaw-retaining intra-oral appliance designed to hold the lower jaw forward with a comfortable fit over your teeth, a technique known as “mandibular repositioning”. The process frees the air passage by keeping the throat clear of the tongue and lower jaw’s obstruction.

Almost all mouthguard for snoring are prepared by heating the appliance during the fitting process, much the way custom athletic mouth guards achieve their perfect fits to individual teeth and jaw structures. Most should have a snug fit over the top teeth with a soft inner lining for your sleeping comfort while still holding the lower jaw in a comfortable, natural forward position.

Snoring results when the soft palate blocks the airway. If you sleep on your back, the shrunken airway resulting from the neck’s positioning vibrates tissue and produces the familiar “snoring” noise. More than simply being irritating to anyone sleeping near you, if you snore, you more than likely aren’t receiving adequate oxygen while you sleep. A snoring mouth guard addresses the problem, but not without its potential drawbacks.


  • Mouthguards for snoring are almost uniformly uncomplicated – one simple custom-molded piece with no wires or elastic bands to adjust.
  • The device almost always provides comfortable breathing through the mouth while you sleep.
  • Recommended by physicians and dental professionals since 1989, they are virtually 100% safe for almost all ages.


  • Users may experience some initial discomfort while getting used to a snoring mouth guard, including jaw and facial pain and soreness of the teeth and gums – typically no more than a few nights’ worth, but sometimes longer.
  • Some of the more comfortable devices are available by prescription only with a professional fitting.
  • Custom-fitted devices can come with additional costs in addition to the mouth guard’s own price, with professional fees varying from one physician or dentist to the next.

Mouthguard For Snoring

Be forewarned, a snoring mouth guard will only improve breathing in users whose snoring stems from lower-jaw positioning issues. It will likely not prove as effective for patients snoring for any other reason.

Remember also that the differences between snoring mouth guards requiring custom fittings and those sold directly are not always great enough to justify the additional costs.

Before using a snoring mouth guard, see a physician to determine if your snoring may suggest a more serious condition. Mouth guards can significantly reduce snoring, but are not an adequate measure if it is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

This condition is marked by interrupted breathing occurring again and again on a nightly basis. sleep apnea can vary by degrees and result in side effects of unsound sleep and oxygen deprivation ranging in severity from headaches, sexual dysfunction and impaired concentration to high blood pressure and stroke.

If diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may be a candidate for nightly CPAP-machine treatments that keep the airway clear using constant air pressure.

Is There Anything Better?

Stop Snoring MouthpieceThere’re many snoring solutions, and products have been made for those who were suffering from a common condition of snoring. It can be overwhelming with many anti snoring devices that are available today; this can put you in a difficult situation for choosing the right fix over many choices.

You may consider another option which is less invasive, practical and cost effective before making the decision. One of the most accessible product and recommended is an anti snoring mouthpiece, it’s not only convenient and easy to use, but also affordable and deliver equivalent results that match the other counterpart.

For more information, you can read my comprehensive reviews of the stop snoring mouthpiece and compare its differences. Which able to help you significantly reduce the time and cost.

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