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ZQuiet Review

While checking the search trend for the most popular mouthpieces, I was surprised by the ZQuiet results that were already having a strong demand that can track from the last few years back. This product has become well known since May 2009 and increased its popularity over the time and reach its peak on August 2012.

ZQuiet is one of the most searched anti snoring mouthpiece brand in the world based on the search engine trend data recorded by Google. Due to the growing new brands of the mouthpieces supply getting into the market, we can see some of the search interest dropped for this product. However, until today ZQuiet search volume is still higher than its competitor and let’s find out why it’s so popular, read the following ZQuiet review you will know everything about this mouthpiece.

What is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet is a device designed by Dr. Avery Lieberman, a doctor of dental surgery (DSS). He is a dental specialist in the United States with many years of experience in the dental field. ZQuiet is a jaw displacement anti-snoring device.

The product is owned by Sleeping Well, LLC, a company located in Maine, United States and received a BBB Accredited Business since August 2014. Although ZQuiet mouthpiece is manufactured in the United States, however, it’s only available in Canada, Italy, Poland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Argentina, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand and India. And there is no distributor channel other than these countries.

How does ZQuiet work?

The combination of the hinge technology and comfort system makes ZQuiet work perfectly to open up the airways by pushing the lower jaw forward at the same time allow the mouth to move freely. It is because the flexibility of the hinge design that having a spring effect.

Without compromising the comfort, ZQuiet is made from a flexible and soft material that specially formulated for oral use. It is safe and does not contain harmful substances.

ZQuiet fits inside of your mouth to ensure that the soft tissues do not block your airspace. It makes sure that there is no resistance whatsoever for air in and out of the airspace. And this is the basic principle on how ZQuiet works to reduce you from snoring during your sleep.

You put the snoring mouthpiece in your mouth before you go to sleep. The ZQuiet will gently hold your jaw, and your airways will be open in your throat. Its unique feature has proven to work against snoring.

What makes ZQuiet different?

Nowadays dentists are using oral devices to treat snoring, so snoring mouthpiece is not something new. There are many different snoring mouthpieces, of which ZQuiet remains the effective. It is quite different from other snoring mouthpieces. Below are the reasons why ZQuiet is different from others:

It is very comfortable: ZQuiet is made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) a soft rubber; this makes it very easy and comfortable for your everyday use. Most people avoid using a snoring mouthpiece because they worried of wake up with pain in the face, jaw or mouth. But with ZQuiet, you don’t have to worry about all that. You can use it every day to treat snoring, and it is comfortable.

There is ease of use: first of all, you don’t have to waste your time to mold the shape before use. Other mouthpieces may require boiled in the hot water before it can be used, but ZQuiet is very easy to use; you don’t have to sit down all day before you get how to use it. All you need to do is just to unwrap it and put it in your mouth before you sleep and that is all. There is an instruction manual in the package that will help you on how you can easily use the mouthpiece.

ZQuiet PatentIt is regulated by FDA: If you consider how the US Food and Drug Administration looks over products and its material use, you can be very sure that ZQuiet is safe to use and reliable because FDA regulates it. There’re so many mouthpieces are not checked by the authority because of its material used, but ZQuiet is made from the material that does not contain harmful particle, which required complying with the administration.

Living hinge technology: you can easily move your jaws while sleeping with this device and you will still be able to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. Even the manufacturers assure you that you can talk and take water with this device put on. Unlike some other devices that won’t allow you to move your mouth easy and smoothly, ZQuiet will allow you to mouth open naturally.

Advantages of ZQuiet:

  • It comes with instructions which will guide you on how you can use the mouthpiece easily without going through any stress.
  • It is very convenient and comfortable to use and does not give you any pain when you wake up.
  • It is very safe to use and from a reliable company.
  • It is very cheap and affordable than visiting dentist clinic.
  • You have the chance to try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you get your money back.
  • You get 2 mouthpieces of different jaw sizes in a box and extra 2 bonuses e-books.
  • It is has been backed up by technology for many years, hence proving its effectiveness.
  • You don’t need any extra preparation or fitting, and it is ready to use immediately you take it out of the box.
  • It is made of flexible material thermoplastic elastomer.
  • No boiling or molding required.

Disadvantages of ZQuiet:

    • The results may not be the same. Some people might still experience snoring when they use the mouthpiece.
    • ZQuiet only treats simple snoring. It cannot treat snoring that is due to other conditions.
    • Only available in some countries, not worldwide.
    • Need to pay minimum fees of $9.95 for a trial period.

Is ZQuiet safe?

ZQuietYes, ZQuiet is a very safe mouthpiece to use. It is regulated by FDA, and that is what makes the device more safe and effective. It met so many medical requirements, so you have nothing to worry about when you use it. ZQuiet does prove not only the safety but also its effectiveness. You get immediate results when you use ZQuiet. So be rest assured.

It’s designed with a gap opening in such a way that allow breathing through the mouth, this can be helpful for snorer who was unable to breathe using their nose due to running nose or other causes, it acts like an emergency breathing hole that allows natural breathing.

Where to buy ZQuiet

You can buy ZQuiet directly from the company’s website. You can order by phone or on the internet. And when you order, you have the chance to try it for 30 days, which will begin immediately you get your ZQuiet. But your shipping fee is not refundable. If you are okay with ZQuiet, just do nothing, but if you are not, ship it back and ask for the refund. You can easily reach the customer care if you have any problem about purchase and shipment.

Find out more from ZQuiet’s website.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (12 months)
  • Refund Policy (30 days)
  • Price ($89.90)


Overall Rating

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While getting the most suitable mouthpiece is vital as you have to wear it for many hours in the sleep by not compromise the comfort and the effectiveness. As you can find the ideal mouthpiece for yourself with detailed information from the stop snoring mouthpiece comparison chart.

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