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TheraSnore Review

If you snore, then you are also depriving yourself or your partner from a good night’s rest. Finding a solution to change the problem will also assist with a healthier and more productive sleep. Getting support for snoring can easily be done with the TheraSnore review of this mouthpiece.

This allows you to find a simple solution to stop sleep apnea and snoring while resting at ease every night. As soon as you start working with this mouthpiece, you will easily be able to change your nightly habits and feel even more refreshed in the morning. The mouthpiece is guaranteed to work from the first night of use so you can easily stop snoring.

What is TheraSnore?

TheraSnore mouthpiece was designed by Dr. Thomas E. Meade together with his wife Caroline Meade founded Distar LLC has established since 1987 as a research company for medical appliances related to dentistry and sleep apnea. The first version of adjustable TheraSnore was introduced in 1997 to the American Dental Association. Today Distar is a top exporter for stop snoring mouthpiece which has many distributors in other countries and accessible worldwide. In the United Kingdom the mouthpiece was distributed by a medical company named Tower Health. Since 2002, they have supplied all over to the NHS hospitals (National Health Service) and dentist clinics across the UK. With the improved version from the last few generations mouthpiece, now TheraSnore is a trusted brand and has over million of users all over the world.

TheraSnore offers a complete solution to stop the faulty process of breathing inadequately at night. It was developed over many years ago by specialists who know the importance of sleeping restfully. It is designed as a mouthpiece to help you to stop snoring and to start breathing properly. The solution has been created for anyone to use by a simple mouthpiece that custom fits into your mouth. You will find that simply placing this in your mouth will open the airways through your mouth while keeping your jaw and tongue in place so you can breathe easily and stop snoring completely.

How does TheraSnore work?

Original TheraSnore
Original TheraSnore

Doctors and clinicians have tested TheraSnore to guarantee effective results so you can stop snoring. You will receive a mouthpiece that you place on your upper and lower teeth. The position in the upper area is designed to hold your mouth in place. The lower area moves your jaw forward into a comfortable position so your tongue does not hit your soft palette. A part of the mouthpiece, known as the lingual post, is then able to assist with the nightly sleep. When you go to bed at night, the mouthpiece keeps this in comfortable position without the placement becoming too difficult to maneuver. You will find that with this simple solution, you will easily be able to stop snoring from the use of the device.

TheraSnore is not only designed as a basic mouthpiece. It has also examined other solutions that may have similar affects. It has been found that these are often too tight or too lose, creating more unrest with the use of the mouthpiece. This solution comes with five easy to adjust and custom fits for your mouth so you don’t have to worry about placement. With the use of this, you will easily be able to adjust and maintain the position that you desire for easy comfort.

What makes TheraSnore different?

There are many that have created mouthpieces that are designed to offer a solution to stop snoring. However, most of these are based on a basic design that is placed in your mouth. This is often uncomfortable and does not fit correctly. Users will often move back to snoring, specifically because the mouth piece falls out or is too tight. With TheraSnore, you will be able to adjust this into different positions, allowing you to have the custom fit to your mouth for comfort. You can combine this with continuous adjustments, depending on what you need to stop snoring.

More important, the design that has been created allows you to remain comfortable while sleeping. The mouthpiece uses both an upper and lower piece to fit to your needs. Others will focus on moving the lower jaw forward, often which leads to jaw lock. With this device, you can still move your jaw comfortably, similar to what you would do while normally sleeping. However, if you begin to move back too far, blocking the airways for sleep, then the mouthpiece will adjust your jaw. The process that is used, unlike other brands, allows you to remain more comfortable while providing a more natural approach to the sleep that you need.


With TheraSnore, you will be able to find a permanent solution to problems with snoring. You will:

  • It is a reliable product comes with 1 year warranty replacement.
  • It is used in clinics and hospitals many years ago.
  • It has complied with NHS regulatory and cleared by FDA.
  • Suitable for snorers with considerable amount of teeth grind.
  • Stop snoring on the first night.
  • Have a custom fit for your jaw.
  • Move your mouth more naturally while sleeping and without creating jaw lock.
  • Have a long lasting design, remaining for over 2 years.
  • Enjoy more comfort with a mouthpiece.
  • Have a clinically proven solution to snoring.

With TheraSnore, you will easily be able to find a permanent solution to snoring, allowing you to change your sleeping patterns. More important, if you have problems breathing for the same reason, then this will offer a complete and guaranteed solution to help you change the patterns that you may have.


While TheraSnore is known to offer a different and custom fit, you will also want to look at some of the potential problems with the device. This includes:

  • Difficulty adjusting to the mouthpiece the first few nights.
  • Need to maintain and clean overnight once a week.
  • You can’t buy online in the United States.
  • May not work for more severe cases of sleep apnea.

The need to adjust to the new device and have specific approaches to using the mouthpiece also requires some changes with your nightly patterns. However, the effects of this allow you to have a better amount of sleep while creating the solution you need to disturbances while sleeping.

Is TheraSnore safe?

The main cause of snoring comes from the position of the mouth when laying down. The jaw and the tongue drop and begin to relax. As this happens, it hits the soft tissue in the mouth, causing the tissues to vibrate. The vibrating sound becomes your snoring. More important, this change stops the airways at night. Those that are snoring may also have sleep apnea, specifically with halts breathing and stops oxygen from reaching the rest of the body. This can lead to more serious outcomes with your health because of the continuous lack of oxygen that your body needs at night.

FDA ClearedTheraSnore is safe and is 100% guaranteed to work. It has been approved through clinical trials, specifically making any adjustments needed for the device to last and to remain more effective. Doctors also have approved the device, allowing patients to try the mouthpiece for a better option to stop snoring. Hospitals to dentists rely on the device, with many places using the mouthpiece for over 10 years to help their patients. It’s an NHS and FDA compliance mouthpiece which is already available in the market for a very long time.

Where to buy TheraSnore

If you are ready to stop snoring, then you can find the best place to buy TheraSnore. Places are available online that are ready to take your order and to help you to find the correct solution. You can easily begin your journey to more peaceful sleep today with your purchase of TheraSnore. You don’t have to worry if the product does not work for you, It’s risk free with the 30 days money back return policy for assurance.

Find out more from TheraSnore’s website. Check for the latest promotion.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (24 months)
  • Refund Policy (30 days)
  • Price (£49.95)


Overall Rating

Which Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Is Best For You?

Confused faceThere’s no particular mouthpiece is suitable for every single person as we do not have the same size of mouth, jaw or teeth arrangement. As we have a different mouth and jawline shape and size, It will be a challenge to identify the best stop snoring mouthpiece that fit you most.

While getting the most suitable mouthpiece is vital as you have to wear it for many hours in the sleep by not compromise the comfort and the effectiveness. As you can find the ideal mouthpiece for yourself with detailed information from the stop snoring mouthpiece comparison chart.

With additional fact and figure putting side by side together, this can be time-saving and greatly help you with selecting a mouthpiece that meets your requirements. Based on my reviews, I have picked the top snoring mouthpieces highly recommended for everyone.