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You can sleep soundly and no longer worry about waking others up with snoring. If you are ready to make a change with your sleeping habits, then you can consider the Somnofit mouthpiece. This device allows you to immediately stop snoring while opening the airways to your body for restful and peaceful sleep.

It also provides you with a healthier approach to sleeping, specifically because of the movement of the jaw and the opening of airways. The device uses high technology designs, specifically making the mouthpiece easy to fit and use for a more comfortable and enjoyable sleep. Through the fit and approach to Somnofit, you will be able to change the way that you rest each night.

What is Somnofit?

SwitzerlandSomnofit is designed for those who snore as well as with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea. It was created by Swiss experts that understand how disruptive snoring can become. Through the development of the product, it was able to build a reputation among hospitals, physicians and doctors interested in helping others to have a more restful sleep.

Over a period of many years, it has developed the reputation of holding an easier and more effective approach to immediately stop snoring. It has been clinically proven to immediately stop snoring and to adjust your night patterns of snoring through the high – tech and compatible device for your mouth.

How does Somnofit work?

Snoring occurs when the jaw begins to relax in your mouth, moving back towards your airway. As this happens, your tongue also relaxes and moves back, causing the soft tissue to adjust position. When the soft tissue shifts, it begins to vibrate as air moves through the passageway, causing a snoring sound. This particular process occurs with specific body types more as well as when sleeping on the back.

Somnofit begins working by adjusting the jaw by slightly moving it forward. The mouthpiece holds the jaw in place, no matter what position you decide to sleep in. When this happens, the airway opens, allowing you to breathe easily. You will notice that not only will you stop snoring, but you will also be able to rest more without disruptive patterns because of the blocked airway passages.


There is a lower and upper piece to the Somnofit, specifically that you can adjust when you first receive the device to fit in your mouth. The upper and lower piece are placed in hot water to mold to your teeth. You are able to measure the temperature of the water through the Somnofit package, allowing you to keep the molding in the perfect temperature for your teeth.

After three minutes, you will place the pieces on your mouth, allowing you to get the perfect fit for the pattern in your teeth. After this, you latch the lower and upper pieces together with hooks. There are six total hooks available, allowing you to adjust the mouthpiece to your special bite.

Somnofit takes the extra step to fitting the mouthpiece that you want with six supple straps that you can be used. This is often referred to as mandibular advancement and is one of the special qualities of the device. The straps are placed in any location desired on your mouthpiece.

By doing this, it automatically adjusts the mouthpiece to fit with your jaw and with your bite. More important, it allows you to continue adjusting depending on your comfort level. With the several pieces of technology, you will be able to find the perfect fit to stop snoring.

What makes Somnofit different?

Unlike other mouthpieces, Somnofit is able to provide you with a complete solution for comfort and sleep. Many other pieces will not have the proper adjustments with hooks and the mandibular advancement. This causes you to develop jaw lock or other discomfort with the mouthpiece. It also causes the mouthpieces to wear out over a shorter period of time.

Somnofit will not become to loose and fall out of your mouth at night and can easily be adjusted so it is not too tight, which offers a more durable solution for your mouth. More important, you will be able to work with more accuracy with the molding, specifically so you can create a comfortable and easy to use mouthpiece for the night. This allows you to create complete comfort before you sleep, allowing you to rest easily with the mouthpiece.


If you are ready to sleep soundly, then the Somnofit offers the complete solution. With this mouthpiece, you will experience:

  • No snoring with immediate results.
  • More comfortable sleep.
  • Open airways for better health.
  • Easy to use adjustments for your mold and bite.
  • Advanced technology to remain comfortable while sleeping.
  • Clinically proven results.
  • Very safe to use.


There are some specific characteristics to be cautious of when using Somnofit. While the device is known as completely safe, some may experience initial disadvantages.

  • Initial discomfort of the size.
  • Need to adjust the straps to fit your bite.
  • Does not assist with severe sleep apnea.
  • Replacement after a given period of time.

Is Somnofit safe?

If you want to stop snoring, then you can rest assured that Somnofit is safe. It is clinically proven by doctors to work effectively so you can sleep peacefully. The ability to mold and adjust the mouthpiece to fit to your needs makes it safer than many other mouthpieces. More important, there are technologically proven options with the device that help it to gain more comfort during use. With the cutting edge approach used to stop snoring are thousands of patients that have found the device safe and effective to use for a change in sleeping habits.

Where to buy Somnofit

If you are ready to sleep soundly, then you can begin by buying Somnofit. This device is available for immediate purchase online. Because of the technology that is used, you don’t need to buy the device from your doctor or physician. Instead, you can immediately click the button online and get ready to enjoy a better and healthier sleep. If you are ready to experience the benefits of a sound sleep, then it begins with Somnofit.

Find out more from Somnofit’s website.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (12 months +)
  • Refund Policy (30 days)
  • Price (£84.95)


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Which Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Is Best For You?

Confused faceThere’s no particular mouthpiece is suitable for every single person as we do not have the same size of mouth, jaw or teeth arrangement. As we have a different mouth and jawline shape and size, It will be a challenge to identify the best stop snoring mouthpiece that fit you most.

While getting the most suitable mouthpiece is vital as you have to wear it for many hours in the sleep by not compromise the comfort and the effectiveness. As you can find the ideal mouthpiece for yourself with detailed information from the stop snoring mouthpiece comparison chart.

With additional fact and figure putting side by side together, this can be time-saving and greatly help you with selecting a mouthpiece that meets your requirements. Based on my reviews, I have picked the top snoring mouthpieces highly recommended for everyone.