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A low cost solution to make sure you do not snore away the night. The SnoreMender 3 was developed by orthodontists that have a deep knowledge of the causes of snoring; with that knowledge they developed an effective solution. This new SnoreMender 3 is an improved version over the SnoreMender PS. The letter PS means pressure shift technology.

There are a lot of pills, sprays, and strips that claim to be able to handle snoring, but one of the few clinically proven methods is by using a jaw adjustment device. That is what this SnoreMender 3 review is all about. Not only does it forgo cumbersome fitting, it is developed with technology that is geared to giving you the most comfort.

A lot of the jaw adjustment devices on the market today may actually work, the problem that you may get is soreness in the mouth. The soreness is caused by the pressure that needs to be exerted in order to move your lower jaw forward.

The mouthpiece was developed with this in mind and has a design that shifts pressure away from the lower, weaker teeth to the upper stronger teeth so that you are able to skip the painful adjustment process that most of the similar devices subject you to.

What is SnoreMender 3?

SnoreMender 3 is a jaw adjustment device developed by Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd with the sole purpose of allowing users to get a wonderful night’s sleep at an affordable price.

Sleep Well is based in Sheffield, England and has been delivering quality medical supplies for a number of years. Since its establishment, it has expanded operations all over the European Union, North America, and Asia.

They have been able to develop a reputation for quality work, products, and service that has allowed them to stand the test of time.

How does SnoreMender 3 work?

Snoring has a simple cause so naturally, the remedy should be simple. People snore because the jaw and the attached tongue are relaxed during sleep. This relaxation causes the tongue to fall against the throat and constrict the airway.

As a result, air is forced into the airway at a higher velocity and causes a vibration which produces the noise we all know as snoring. The sounds are getting noisier when breathing harder through the mouth with the air pressure traveling through confined space.

SnoreMender 3 works by holding the jaw slightly forward and preventing it and the tongue from falling back and constricting the airway.

The upper and lower trays are designed to fit comfortably over the teeth and allow for normal jaw movement during sleep. Simply insert it before going to bed and forget about it.

If the mouthpiece does not alleviate your snoring right away it may be due to your jaw not being advanced enough. If this occurs, you can easily adjust the length until it does its job.

What makes SnoreMender 3 different?

SnoreMender 3 is different from its competitors in a number of ways. The mouthpiece has what is called Pressure Shift Technology and it does not need any fitting at all unlike other mandibular advancement device.

SnoreMender 3
SnoreMender 3

Pressure Shift Technology works by moving pressure away from weaker areas of the mouth to stronger areas. I.e. from the small front teeth to the large front teeth. In addition to this, the pressure is concentrated at the base of the teeth instead of the tips to give you all around comfort.

The company offers a 90 days money back guarantee in an industry where most companies are only offering a 30 days guarantee. Unlike other products offering the same benefits, SnoreMender 3 does not need to be fitted; you just insert it into your mouth and get relief from snoring.

It allows natural jaw movement when sleeping by virtue of its hinged design. It is a welcome change from other products that force your jaw to stay in place all night, contributing to the soreness in the morning.

It is easy to care for because it was ergonomically designed with long term care in mind and lastly, it can last anywhere from 9 to 18 months before it needs to be replaced.

Advantages of SnoreMender 3

  • Not fitting necessary. A plug and play solution to your snoring problem
  • Incorporated with Pressure Shift Technology. The design well thought out and allows for the best displacement of pressure for maximum comfort
  • Free jaw movement. A lot of devices will allow a very limited range of motion or none at all. The mouthpiece allows a full range of movement of the lower jaw which allows night swallowing and prevents jaw ache.
  • It is adjustable. You can keep playing with it until you get the right fit for yourself. It can be adjusted hundreds of times and remain in great condition.
  • It is made with dental grade plastic and is silicone, BPA, latex and Phthalates free
  • Easy to clean. Its ergonomic design allows for quick and easy cleaning so that you do not waste time caring for it when you can be doing other more important things.
  • Aside from being adjustable, it is made out of a softer plastic that molds to your mouth when in use.

Disadvantages of SnoreMender 3

  • In is not meant to be used if you have dentures on two or more of the upper six teeth or lower eight teeth
  • May also adversely affect implants
  • It can be difficult to get the adjustment correct on the first try do to the memory plastic. If it is not held in place long enough, the mouthpiece will revert back to its old shape.

Is SnoreMender 3 safe?

The mouthpiece is created with dental grade plastics that is free from common allergenic substances and those that have been known to cause adverse reactions. No silicone, latex, BPA, or phthalates mean that you do not have to worry about whether you could be at risk. In a nutshell, SnoreMender 3 should be safe and the material is suitable for long term use.

Where to buy SnoreMender 3

SnoreMender 3 is available worldwide and you can buy it from the online store. The company, Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd is an accredited distributor of the product and will deliver directly to your door after you place your order. As for people in the United States will have to wait until further notice as some mouthpiece required prescription or dentist recommendation in order to buy it.

Find out more from SnoreMender’s website.

SnoreMender 3
  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (12 months +)
  • Refund Policy (90 days)
  • Price ($58.50)


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