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SnoreMeds Review

A revolutionary product which takes the problem of snoring away is the SnoreMeds anti snoring mouthpiece. It is a device designed to provide comfort to snorers and long suffering partners through a non-surgical or non-obtrusive product. Reading this SnoreMeds review will reveal everything you need to know about the mouthpiece.

SnoreMeds is a conventional mouthpiece without complicated settings; it is not much different when you see the packaging box of the product which is similar to other health care products that accessible over the counter. Nevertheless the mouthpiece comes with 2 sizes to choose, men for regular mouth size or women for slightly smaller size. It has different quantity packaging as well, from 1 unit mouthpiece to 4 unit’s value packaging for more cost effective to replace regularly.

What is SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is an affordable mandibular advancement device MAD snoring mouthpiece which can be custom fitted using boil and bite process. This mouthpiece was introduced in the market by two businesswomen Michelle Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan back in 2006, as they want to help others to resolve snoring problems and improve their lives.

SnoreMeds mouthpiece is manufactured in the South Africa and marketed partnership with a company named Trio Interactive in Durban. The mouthpiece can be brought from online in the United States and worldwide. It has distributors in New Zealand and Finland under different companies. It’s available OTC at selected pharmacies in South Africa and there are no retailers in other countries.

How does SnoreMeds work?

The SnoreMeds mouthpiece is a simple device which allows the wearer to remove any blockage from their airways. The custom fitted mouthpiece will become soft by putting it into a hot water for 18 seconds, then immediately bite it to mould to your jaw shape. By doing this, the mouthpiece will print out your teeth impression. And this method is so called boil and bite, it will mold to jaw to create a custom made mouthpiece for maximum comfort.

Just like typical jaw advancement device, SnoreMeds move the lower jaw forward to clear the airways path that blocked by the soft tissue. As the mouthpiece functions were held the lower teeth and prevent you from the snoring. It’s proven one of the most effective methods used in other snoring mouthpieces as well, simple and yet efficient.

Today, experts have devised oral mouth pieces which can relieve people from their snoring difficulties and offer their partners peaceful sleep all through the night. The mouthpiece will allow the wearer to position their jaw so it will not be an obstruction in breathing while asleep. There’s no exception for SnoreMeds as well, using the same principal to clear the restricted airways.

What makes SnoreMeds different?

Like any other basic mouthpieces, SnoreMeds is non adjustable, it does not have any settings for jaw calibration; it’s a simple device for convenient and easy disposal due to the life expectancy of the mouthpiece is only 4 months, which is the shortest among the snoring mouthpieces that is available in the market.

SnoreMeds Breathing Holes
SnoreMeds Breathing Holes

SnoreMeds is designed with the breathing holes in front for safe intention; it can be worn by the snorer who is suffering sinus and claustrophobia, they still able to breathe through the mouth while sleeping. The holes also restrain the excessive saliva build up during the night if not get used to it in the beginning.

SnoreMeds is the most affordable mouthpiece that cleared FDA safe for oral use. It does not contain harmful materials. Other similar devices constructed using the same material may cost higher. This is one of the most important aspects when choosing the right mouthpiece free from any possible risk and yet not expensive.

Once you choose the product, you will receive a custom fitted SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece. The customized mouthpiece will be convenient with two available sizes such as original fit for the men. For women with deeper bite, we recommend the original fit.

Advantages of SnoreMeds:

  • It is a reliable product with many years history on the market.
  • There are holes in the mouthpiece which allows the wearer to breathe through their mouths.
  • This is also useful, especially preferred for those with sinus problems.
  • The holes allow the snorer to swallow during the night and eliminate the build up of saliva.
  • It is an affordable custom fit mouthpiece.
  • It has 2 different sizes, regular and smaller mouth.
  • It can be cleaned using mouthwash solution and toothpaste.
  • Its material is made from FDA Approved thermoplastic and hypoallergenic material.
  • It comes with 45 days money back guarantee return policy.

Disadvantages of SnoreMeds:

  • You can only use it for few months.
  • It cannot wear with dentures.
  • It can only be remolded 2 times, need to be extra careful when molding.
  • You can experience discomfort during the first few days of use.
  • You can experience hyper salivation.
  • Some morning discomfort. However, the discomfort does not last long.

Is SnoreMeds safe?

FDA ClearedThe material used for Snoremeds Anti-Snore Mouthpiece is a hyperallergenic thermoplastic and FDA approved. It is latex free and hypoallergenic. The wearer will be comfortable and will not need to worry about difficulty of breathing due to its emergency breathing holes.

The front holes enable snorer with sinus or other breathing difficulty to breathe through the mouth while wearing the mouthpiece. In this way, if the nose was blocked, they still able to breathe normally without the risk of possible suffocation.

SnoreMeds has been in the market for few decades with its extensive research and development, it has been recommended by dentists and sleep specialist, the product is certainly safe and work without a question.

Where to buy SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is the best anti snore mouthpiece on the market today. It is ideal for sleepers who want comfort and hassle free. The advantage of SnoreMeds anti snore mouthpiece is its custom fit which makes the wearer forget they are using the mouthpiece. It is so comfortable that sleeping with the mouthpiece feels natural.

Couple SleepingSnoreMeds comes in different sizes and different packs each designed for the regular user and the single user. For regular users, you can purchase the Value Pack, which last over a year for the regular user. If you are a first time buyer, you can purchase the Double Pack which provides you the opportunity to use the second pack if you are not comfortable with the first mold of your mouthpiece.

SnoreMeds Mouthpiece can be purchased online through the website at the convenience from your home. You can go online anytime to purchase the mouthpiece with stress free process. Just click on the add cart and you can pay via any of the approved payment options such as paypal or credit card.

You can also call their hotline for easy purchase or if you have any questions which need immediate answers. In this way, to be assured the product is meet your requirements before buying.

For couples who have suffered from snoring, there is a better way to settle the problem without having endless discussions and disagreements. Kiss snoring goodbye and sleep soundlessly with the mouthpiece. You can have a full 8 hours of sleep with SnoreMeds stop snoring mouthpiece and wake up feeling fresh and happy.

Find out more from SnoreMeds’s website. Check for the latest promotion.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (12 months)
  • Refund Policy (45 days)
  • Price ($40.95)


Overall Rating

Which Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Is Best For You?

Confused faceThere’s no particular mouthpiece is suitable for every single person as we do not have the same size of mouth, jaw or teeth arrangement. As we have a different mouth and jawline shape and size, It will be a challenge to identify the best stop snoring mouthpiece that fit you most.

While getting the most suitable mouthpiece is vital as you have to wear it for many hours in the sleep by not compromise the comfort and the effectiveness. As you can find the ideal mouthpiece for yourself with detailed information from the stop snoring mouthpiece comparison chart.

With additional fact and figure putting side by side together, this can be time-saving and greatly help you with selecting a mouthpiece that meets your requirements. Based on my reviews, I have picked the top snoring mouthpieces highly recommended for everyone.