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Snore Eliminator Review

Snore Eliminator is one of the popular anti-snoring devices available in the market. It has a wide range of technological advancements incorporated in to it and is trusted by hundreds of customers who are using it for years. The product is available in two different variants, the original Snore Eliminator and the newly launched Snore Eliminator Pro. Both these products share some of the common elements while the Pro edition has some advanced features including an adjustable mandibular system.

What is Snore Eliminator?

Snore Eliminator is an anti-snoring device in the market which holds the special place of being a MAD product. The term MAD refers to the mandibular advancement device which has some significant differences when compared to a conventional snoring device. The mouthpiece comes with a special molded layer that is added to ensure a snug fit throughout the night. Snore Eliminator has been designed to keep your lower jaw open at night so that airflow is smooth which helps reduce snoring to a great extent.

What makes Snore Eliminator different?

A wide range of new features can be found in the Snore Eliminator. The product is a mandibular advancement device which is a technology that is seldom adopted by other companies. While most are plain plastic pieces which causes side effects as well as discomfort when you grind your teeth against them, Snore Eliminator eradicates the problems with an additional molded layer. The precision auto-mold syncs with your bite and it has bruxism support which is mandatory to prevent you from grinding your teeth during sleep. It’s compact and thin design makes it easy to be worn without causing discomfort to your jaw or gums.

Snore Eliminator Before
Before Moulding

Advantages of Snore Eliminator

  • Snore Eliminator is a mandibular advancement device. It’s molder layer is capable of increased comfort levels that is not found in other anti-snoring devices.
  • The Pro version of the product comes with an adjustable MAD so that you can alter it according to the shape of your jaw. A custom fit can be acquired without the added expenses.
  • It uses precision auto-mold technology so that the strap is easy to bit as soon as you wear it.
  • Integrated with special bruxism support. The additional support ensures that it prevents teeth grinding.
  • The original product is designed to fit most user requirements while the Pro edition is fully customizable as required. You can lock it in your preferred position before going to sleep.
  • Can be used as an alternative to CPAP machines which are usually very expensive.
  • Snore Eliminator Basic and Pro editions are compatible with chin straps which are sold separately. They are fully adjustable and has soft cotton layer for increased comfort.
Snore Eliminator After
After Molding

Disadvantages of Snore Eliminator

  • The strap design is not a convenient option for people who have a tendency to move a lot during sleep.
  • It fixes a wide range of issues that cause snoring but nasal snorers may have to go for a different device.
  • The chin strap accessory sold for Snore Eliminator and Pro edition costs extra.
  • Bruxism and MAD design may not be considered comfortable by some users.
  • Adjustable Pro edition of the anti-snoring device requires extra care as it contains moving parts.

Where to buy Snore Eliminator

You can buy Snore Eliminator from the official website and check the faq, if you cannot find any answer you wanted to know, please contact them before making any payment to check their website is still active. You can find other similar mouthpiece from the chart we provide.

Find out more from Snore Eliminator’s website.

Snore Eliminator
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  • Refund Policy (30 days)
  • Price ($39.90)


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