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Don’t underestimate or compromise the value of your sleep. If you snore, then you are also depriving yourself of a good night’s sleep. Not only does it cause a disturbance with sleep patterns or from your partner. It can also block the airway passage to your body, depriving you of oxygen. This may lead to sleep apnea or more severe health problems with the cut off of oxygen that you need. PureSleep review explained why it can help you eliminate the snoring.

If you want to change the way you sleep and wake up knowing you have had a good night’s rest, then you can use the PureSleep mouthpiece. This allows you to immediately stop snoring while finding a new level of comfort to your night’s sleep. You will no longer have to be concerned about your health from cutting off oxygen to your body and can easily begin to enjoy deeper and more pleasant sleep. The PureSleep mouthpiece is designed specifically to assist you with the sound sleep you need.

What is PureSleep?

The PureSleep Mouthpiece was designed by Dr. Douglas Fenton and Dr. Bernard Kramer a specialist in ear, nose and through remedies. Not only did he design the piece for his patients, but was also looking for his own solution. It seemed that surgery to move the jaw forward or other mouthpieces simply didn’t work. In return, he created a solution that fits perfectly with the mouth while creating a simple and comfortable solution to stop snoring immediately. They authorized Noel Lindsay to develop the mouthpiece together and started The Pure Sleep Company in 2007.

Today, PureSleep is one of the best known mouthpieces in the marketplace. It is FDA approved, specifically for those who have difficulties with snoring and mild sleep apnea. It is also clinically proven to assist with a better night’s rest while allowing hospitals and doctors to find key solutions to assist their patients with snoring. The mouthpiece continues to remain one of the top products to help individuals easily shift from snoring to a good night’s sleep.

How does PureSleep work?

How Does PureSleep WorkSnoring is caused by the jaw and tongue dropping when in a lying position. When this happens, it hits the soft tissue in the back of the mouth, creating a snoring sound through the vibration of the tissues. While this may seem like a small annoyance to you or your partner, it can also lead to other more serious problems. The relaxed jaw and tongue also blocks off a clear passageway to receive oxygen. If you find that you wake up with headaches or other problems, it may be related directly to the amount of oxygen you receive at night.

PureSleep stops the problem of snoring and sleep apnea through a simple mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is designed for both the top and bottom of your jaw. It has three adjustments that you can use, all which are designed for the bite of your teeth. After this adjustment, you can use the special materials to create a mold for your teeth. You simply place the mouthpiece in water and transform it to the perfect, custom fit for your mouth.

The PureSleep mouthpiece uses a brace to move your jaw and tongue forward at night. By doing this, it stops both from dropping to the back of your mouth. No matter which way you decide to lay at night, the mouthpiece will hold your jaw and tongue forward. By not hitting the soft tissue, snoring will immediately stop. You will also notice that you will rest and relax even deeper than you did before as oxygen freely moves to different parts of your body while you sleep.

What makes PureSleep different?

PureSleep Settings
PureSleep Settings

There are a variety of mouthpieces that state that they will help you to stop snoring. However, many of these are ineffective and don’t lead to results. PureSleep is different than basic models that you can find. The custom fit and adjustment allows you to easily find comfort with the mouthpiece without it falling out or being so tight that you can’t sleep. More important, it doesn’t lock your jaws or your tongue when it holds it forward. It moves with the movement of your mouth, offering a simple placement with guaranteed results. You will find that, unlike other mouthpieces, you will remain comfortable and in control of your sleep.

PureSleep can be adjusted before the molding process, it has 3 settings to suit the different type of bites. These settings are to hold the lower jaw position arrangement for typical bite, mild under bite, severe under bite and  over bite as shown in the picture. You may trim away an additional material for greater comfort.  With this custom configuration, allow a person to experience the most comfortable and works best for any individual.

However, this is one time setting and it’s not adjustable when it is set and molded. The adjustment can be done before the molding procedure and not possible to revert the to the other setting. For stress free situation within the given period of time, you may exchange the mouthpiece which is not properly molded.


With the PureSleep Mouthpiece, you will be able to finally enjoy a good night’s sleep. The mouthpiece offers:

  • Comfortable adjustments for your bite.
  • Custom mold to fit with your teeth.
  • Loose position that automatically moves with your nightly movement.
  • Open airways for better night time breathing.
  • Approved “Made in the USA” materials for a healthy solution.
  • Long life expectancy, only need replacement after 1 year.
  • Receive 1 additional mouthpiece for free.
  • Fully refundable within 30 days trial period.
  • It is replaceable if molded incorrectly.
  • Used in clinical practices.


While PureSleep is known to offer better sleep and more comfort, you will also want to keep the following in mind:

  • It can be molded 1 time only, but you can ask for exchange if not properly done.
  • Does not work for higher conditions of sleep apnea.
  • Takes time to adjust to during the first nights.
  • Trial with minimal cost for shipping and handling.

The need to adjust and find solutions that work for you may take some time. While PureSleep is known to work on the majority of cases, there may be specific needs you have that will need to be looked into.

Is PureSleep safe?

FDA ClearedClinically proven and FDA approved, PureSleep is one of the safest and most effective solutions to help you with sleep. You will find that on the first night, you stop snoring and start breathing better. There are no known side effects with the mouthpiece to those that have used the device for longer periods of times. It is also used with special materials that are known for their safety, allowing you to remain 100% assured that you are receiving the best options to stop snoring.

Where to buy PureSleep

If you are ready to stop snoring and to start sleeping better, then you can find PureSleep online, ready for purchase. With your order today, you will easily be able to find a restful sleep without the snoring. You may also be able to find the device at a dentist or pharmacy near you. However, if you want a fast and simple solution, then you can order online now for the best results.

Find out more from PureSleep’s website.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (6 months +)
  • Refund Policy (30 days)
  • Price ($69.85)


Overall Rating

Which Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Is Best For You?

Confused faceThere’s no particular mouthpiece is suitable for every single person as we do not have the same size of mouth, jaw or teeth arrangement. As we have a different mouth and jawline shape and size, It will be a challenge to identify the best stop snoring mouthpiece that fit you most.

While getting the most suitable mouthpiece is vital as you have to wear it for many hours in the sleep by not compromise the comfort and the effectiveness. As you can find the ideal mouthpiece for yourself with detailed information from the stop snoring mouthpiece comparison chart.

With additional fact and figure putting side by side together, this can be time-saving and greatly help you with selecting a mouthpiece that meets your requirements. Based on my reviews, I have picked the top snoring mouthpieces highly recommended for everyone.