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AveoTSD is a tongue stabilizing device that is meant to help those suffering from the all too common condition of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It will help you get back the energy and vitality that is so necessary in today’s fast paced world that does not hesitate to throw us challenges. When the snoring stops, the first person to thank you will be your partner and then you will thank yourself for making such an important decision.

The AveoTSD is known to create a better response system for your tongue and any blocked passage ways. More importantly, it has been designed specifically to create comfort and ease while you sleep. The device has been clinically proven over the course of five years to help with Sleep Disordered Breathing. The stamp of approval has led those who have serious problems with breathing to use the device to change their sleeping patterns and problems. This will assures good results with your breathing, allowing you to keep your oxygen flow open.

What is AveoTSD?

AveoTSD is a tongue stabilizing device developed by Dr. Christopher J Robertson, who is a specialist in dental sleep medicine. He is from New Zealand and the owner of a company named Innovative Health Technology Ltd. He made the product specifically with comfort in mind. Other devices such as mandible adjustment devices can be very inconvenient for some people. Most people will experience uncomfortable while using the MAD mouthpiece; this is due to the bulky feeling inside the mouth.

If you fall into that category, then this product may be a better alternative for you.

The device is also designed with silicone, specifically to offer flexibility and a custom fit to your mouth while remaining comfortable when in place The ability to bend and maneuver allows you to maintain a specific amount of comfort while using the device. Silicone is known to be one of the easiest, most flexible materials to use. This, combined with strength and durability, will allow your device to last for years. After placing the device in your mouth, it will seem like the AveoTSD isn’t there, allowing you to sleep comfortably and without any more snoring.

How does AveoTSD work?

AveoTSDThis tongue stabilizing device works on a simple principle that addresses the route of the course of snoring. When the tongue relaxes, it falls back and blocks the air passage and produces the snoring sound. Instead of having to use a bulkier contraption to reverse this effect, the AveoTSD creates gentle suction which brings the tongue forward and keeps it there.

It goes into the main area of your mouth that the tongue relaxes into while you sleep, usually at the back of the tongue. It creates a brace that prevents your tongue from blocking the airway while you sleep.

It is designed to keep your tongue and soft muscles in place, specifically so the airway remains open throughout the night. You will find that you will easily be able to breathe, no matter what position you are turned in.

The particular product is to target to the main areas where blocked passages occur. By simply lifting and bracing these areas and by placing the device at the end of your tongue, you will immediately see a difference in your sleep. You will find that you no longer snore and are able to rest more comfortably while oxygen continues to move through your body.

More important, it will create a preventative approach to other long term problems that often develop when your body does not receive enough oxygen over the several hours you are sleeping every day. This allows you to remain healthy and balanced throughout your life.

What makes AveoTSD different?

The AveoTSD is different because it is made with a medical silicone and it is all in one piece. You can wear this in your mouth for long periods of time without having to worry if it is toxic or not. You won’t need to adjust it because it will fit easily on your tongue. It will suction the tip of your tongue unlike other types of snoring devices. It will gently hold the tongue so that it will not slip back that might cause your breathing air paths to become constricted.

Those who have dentures can use this device because it is not required to be attached to your teeth when you are using it. Most of the devices that you can get in the market do not need a doctor’s prescription but this one would require you to see a doctor first to give you a prescription before you can use it.

Advantages of AveoTSD

  • The material used to make this product is a silicone that is safe to be used inside the mouth even after long periods of time. If you follow the proper using instructions of the device, it will last you 12 months.
  • Unlike other devices, you do not need to create a special mold from your mouth before you can use it because the size it has will fit anyone. It only needs to suction your tongue for you to use it.
  • You should not worry about the strength of the suction because you can adjust the degree of the suction. If it is too tight it will be very uncomfortable and could hurt you and if it is too loose, it will become unstable inside the mouth and will slip off. You just need to tweak it a little for it to fit perfectly.
  • This one can be worn even if you have partial or full dentures because it does not need your teeth to stay in place.
  • This product has undergone clinical studies and has been proven to be effective to stop people from snoring.
  • It only requires to be cleaned with hot water every day for maintenance because the design is not very complex compared to others. A cleaning solution needs to be used once in a while, but make sure it does not contain alcohol because it can damage the device.
  • You can have the product replaced if it has become damaged after only 6 months of use.

Disadvantages of AveoTSD

  • This can cause your tongue to become sore during the first few days, but you will have to adjust the suction until you find a perfect fit.
  • You will produce a lot of saliva while using this product which is a common problem among devices for snoring.
  • This is not advised for mouth breathers and for people who are suffering from nasal congestion.
  • The company does not give a return policy and the price is slightly more expensive than other devices.
  • It required prescription to buy the device.

Is AveoTSD safe?

The device has been cleared by the FDA for its safe to use and effective. It was extensively examined before the product to able to be marketed or sell.

The AveoTSD device has been on the market for a number of years without any serious adverse effects ever been reported. It has undergone extensive clinical trials and has been approved by the regulatory bodies in Japan, United States, New Zealand and other countries. With these credentials, it can be said that the device is a safe product to use.

The AveoTSD is made using high-grade silicone and can be purchased in 3 sizes ranging from small to large. Most patients feel comfortable using the medium size because it does not need further adjustments when using. The AveoTSD is a device that is non-invasive, effective, and safe. It is worn in the mouth to cure problems against snoring and sleep apnea.

AveoTSD Pro

Where to buy AveoTSD

AveoTSD is sold in Australia, New Zealand, United States, European Union Countries, Canada, and Japan. Unfortunately for many people, it is not available without a prescription from your doctor. After getting the prescription, your doctor will be able to handle everything for you or you can purchase it yourself. It can be purchased from a number of distributors available in the United States.

If you do not like to spend time to visit a dentist for consultation, queue for numbers and check up, there’s another alternate option you can get the TSD mouthpiece that is cost lesser and backed with money back guarantee, more importantly it does not require a prescription. Personally, I do recommend Good Morning Snore Solution and you might want to check the product review for this device.

Find out more from AveoTSD’s website.

  • Comfort
  • Lifespan (12 months +)
  • Refund Policy (N/A)
  • Price ($139)


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