With many varieties of anti snoring mouthpieces choices in the market today, this can be an overwhelming experience when choosing the right device with comprehensive details of each of the devices. And it’s time-consuming to read all the reviews and still unable to decide which is the best stop snoring mouthpiece that suits you.

If you are more interested to find out which mouthpieces are top rated then you has come to the right place. Since I have reviewed all of these mouthpieces by myself, I have a fair understanding of each mouthpiece and able to rate and pick the best top mouthpiece that meets the standard and your expectation. Well, below is my recommendation to be arranged in the position numbers:

#1 Rated Snoring Mouthpiece: Good Morning Snore Solution

GMSSMy first choice will be Good Morning Snore Solution or GMSS for its short name which is easy to type and remember as well. What this device does is gently holding the tongue forward using the simple technique to clear the air path that caused the snoring sounds.

With such unique method inspired by the baby pacifier, using it will not be irritated by a bulky object feel inside the mouth, and this has greatly reduced the discomfort compare with other devices. It’s very simple to use and yet works effectively, and this is all you needed to stop snoring and nothing more.

Exceptionally this is the only mouthpiece that meets the requirements and recognized by the many countries medical organization included the United States Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration and European Commission. As most of my evaluation influenced by the safety factor, this makes the mouthpiece top on the list. Here’s why it’s top recommended:

  • It complied with many authorities for better assurance.
  • It’s simple, easy to use and comfortable.
  • It does not affect your jaw and gum.
  • A reputable product introduced in 2008.
  • It can be worn with dentures or dental braces.
  • It’s easy to clean and high life expectancy.
  • It’s clinically proven and safe to use.

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#2 Rated Snoring Mouthpiece: VitalSleep

VitalSleepIn the second place I would recommend VitalSleep, a mandibular advancement device used to move the lower jaw position forward. With boil and bite, this mouthpiece will unquestionably fit into your mouth that creates the perfect custom shape. Additionally, it can be adjusted by using a hex key to set the jaw offset for maximum comfort.

VitalSleep is small and provides all of the features of the mandibular advancement device at the lowest price. When compared with other similar adjustable custom fitted mouthpieces that are either too expensive or too bulky. Below are a few points of VitalSleep to be considered:

  • A highly customize mouthpiece.
  • It has been clear by the FDA.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty and replacement.
  • It is adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • A reliable product launched in 2009.
  • It has 2 sizes for selection.
  • Affordable price come with many features.

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#3 Rated Snoring Mouthpiece: ZQuiet

ZQuietThe most popular mouthpiece is ZQuiet, which is another mandibular advancement device. Unlike different mouthpiece, you can freely open your mouth and talk when wearing it, and this is because of its flexible material used together with the living hinge technology that gives spring effect.

ZQuiet can use straight away out of the box and does not require the tedious fitting process of boil and bite. It’s made of a thermoplastic elastomers material similar characteristic of the soft rubber that comfortable to use. Below are some points of the ZQuiet mouthpiece:

  • This device regulated by the FDA.
  • Easy to use and no fitting process required.
  • Affordable pricing for 2 sizes mouthpiece.
  • Allow mouth to move freely and flexibly.
  • A popular brand in the market since 2010.
  • Unique features with patented technology.
  • Best seller mouthpiece of all time.

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