Disclosure Policy

This policy will be valid from March 30, 2015

This website was created as a personal web page and does not manage by a company, business or organization group. For queries relating to this website, please contact to me at the contact us page.

This website will never take any kind of support from cash promotion, or fee-based content option from a third party. Nevertheless, we may receive and accept a commission in percentage for each product sold, as well as other types of rewards i.e. points from product owner, merchant, and company.

This payment attained will not influence the content of the marketing, posts or topics published on this website. Other promoting information, marketing column or posting will certainly to be notice as sponsored or paid material.

The webmaster of the website will be paid to give a viewpoint on product reviews and many other subjects. Although the webmaster of this website will get remuneration pertaining to the articles or marketing campaigns, we will never neglect to deliver reliable information, researches, experience, or knowledge of those products reviews or topics. The suggestions and recommendations indicated within this content tend to be merely the authors’ personal view. Whatever products claim, or data or ingredients related to a product should be confirmed with the manufacturer, or vendor or any party involved.

This content will never consist of articles that might deliver disagreement between other parties. The information will regularly be examined and assessed.