MeHi, I am Joe, and I do not snore. I create this website by a chance that I come across many different snoring devices for more than 10 years in searching for the best solutions out there; I have much knowledge in apnea and snoring while finding a way to cure my wife snore symptom. While imagining not having a good rest for the past few years and always interrupted by the snoring sounds is a nightmare for everyone. But this has opened my door to find out why people snore. Some people may choose to ignore the situation, and this will lead to sleeping disorder.

Just for basic knowledge, because there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding snoring. Snoring is simply because of the partial blocked to the airways and sleep apnea is a complete block to the airways. And it’s all about having a big tongue with a small mouth. In this case, part of the problem is the tongue has muscles. As we grow old, we tend to lose muscles, and this makes snoring getting worst. So I started to do more study and research about snoring and learn how can we prevent it. Finally, I compiled all of my experience to review the snoring products that are available on the market today.

Although I am not a doctor and do not qualify to give any professional medical advice, you can read my reviews and details of each product which have been evaluating from my experience. Most of the information were research and study carefully before publishing on this website. Where countless products that claimed to be a solution to a problem, however not all products suitable for everyone. To have a better understanding of its function, we need to do the product assessment and compare side by side and each in detail. Although this can be time-consuming but worthwhile, as we can take a closer look and get the most accurate report. I sincerely hope that my experience and effort will help others with real solutions that will solve their problem and improve their life.