Finding a right stop snoring mouthpiece isn’t a simple task for anybody, without detail information available on a single page, you will have to spend more time to look around and yet still unable to get the information that you wanted. While not able to find the best snoring mouthpiece comparison chart, I have decided to make my own. With comprehensive information and designed for user interaction, you can easily compare the products without the need to open a new tab or window. For convenience, you can click on the table header to sort and get the lowest price mouthpiece or longest life expectancy.

Basically, there’s 2 types of mouthpiece MAD and TSD.

Manufacturer of the mouthpieces may be varied, list of the countries abbreviation:
US – United Stated, CA – Canada, UK – United Kingdom, DE – Germany,
CH – Switzerland, DK – Denmark, ZA – South Africa.

All the material that cleared FDA are medical grade and approved for oral use. This material required free from BPA (Bisphenol A) and latex. Money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer when returned the product within the specified time was given, full refund usually excluded the shipping cost paid.

Product NameTypeMadeMaterialFDA
cost /
GMSSGood Morning Snore SolutionTSD
  • No prescription required
  • Unique suction design
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Clinical Trials
  • Prescription required
  • 3 sizes available
  • 6 months warranty
  • Clinical trials
Boil & Bite
Adjustable Hex Key
  • Custom fitted
  • 2 sizes
  • 1 year replacement
Boil & Bite
  • 1 year warranty
  • 5 settings
  • Suitable for teeth grinding
  • Custom fitted
Boil & Bite
  • Teeth moulded design
  • Can be refitted 5x
  • Trial @ $9.95,
    After 30 days + $69.95
  • 2 jaw size mouthpieces
  • Mouth free movement
  • Only available in some
  • Trial @ $9.95,
    After 30 days + $79.95
Boil & Bite
  • Precise calibration
  • Custom fitted
  • Can be mold 2-3x
  • Advanced design
SnoreMD ProSnoreMD ProMAD
Boil & Bite
  • Precise calibration
  • Custom fitted
  • Advanced design
SleepPro EasifitSleepPro EasifitMAD
Boil & Bite
  • Custom fitted
  • 2 sizes available
  • Can be remolded 5x
  • Anti-microbial variant

SleepPro Custom AMSleepPro Custom AMMAD
Custom Made
  • Jaw molded
  • Custom made,
    Teeth impression required
  • Anti-microbial
Boil & Bite
  • Custom fitted
  • 2 sizes available
  • Can be remolded 2x
Boil & Bite
  • 3 adjustable position
  • Can be molded 1x only
  • Trial @ $9.95,
    After 30 days + $59.90
Tomed SomnoGuard 3Tomed SomnoGuard 3.0MAD
Boil & Bite
DEThermoplastic Yes-12$52.80
  • Improved new version
  • Clinical trials
  • Jaw molded
  • Can be remolded 3x

Tomed SomnoGuard APTomed SomnoGuard APMAD
Boil & Bite
Adjustable Screw
  • Clinical trials
  • Jaw molded
  • Custom fitted
  • Can be remolded 10x
Oscimed SomnofitOscimed SomnofitMAD
Boil & Bite
Adjustable Straps
  • Custom fitted
  • Free mouth movement
  • 6 adjustable length
Oscimed SomnolisOscimed SomnolisMAD
Adjustable Straps
  • 4 settings
  • Straps hold upper teeth
  • Suitable for teeth grinding
SnoreMenderSnoreMender 3MAD
Boil & Bite
  • Flexible frame
  • Mouth free movement
  • Shape adjustable

Boil & Bite
  • Custom fitted
  • Mouth no movement
Snore Eliminator ProSnore Eliminator PROMAD
Boil & Bite
  • 3 adjustable position
  • Can be molded 1x only
Kudo SnorefighterKudo SnorefighterMAD
Boil & Bite
  • Basic mouthpiece
  • 3 designs available
Boil & Bite
  • Basic mouthpiece
  • Non adjustable
ZyppahZyppahMAD + TSDUSEthylene Vinyl AcetateYes90-$89.95
  • Hybrid
  • Simple to fit
  • Prevent tongue fallback
Boil & Bite
UKEVA plasticsYes60-£29.95
  • Basic mouthpiece
  • Custom fitted
  • Non adjustable

As there’re many mouthpieces on the market today, more option can be a bad thing for some people, and this makes more difficult for choosing a right device. You may consider the following details before buying a mouthpiece:

  • What is the device type, its design and how does it work?
  • Does the size fit your mouth and make you comfortable?
  • Is it adjustable, easy to use, maintain and clean?
  • Is it safe to use or with any medical endorsement?
  • Where is it manufactured, years of the brand?
  • What are the material quality and its life expectancy?
  • What is the full price after the trial period?
  • Affordability, what is an average cost for a month?
  • Warranty, replacement and refund policy.

Snoring Explained

Why Do People Snore?

Obesity and weight problems are among the major factors as to why some of us snore. The additional fat, as well as muscle mass in the throat, make breathing difficult, obstructing the air passages throughout sleep time.

Some individuals have problems with their throat, which makes them snore or create a snoring sound. The uvula is the tiny tongue-like part which hangs at the back of the mouth. While we sleep it normally limits breathing as it relaxes back in the throat. Tonsils can additionally be a reason. The truth is that anything which partially obstructs the airways causes snoring. Problems such as sinusitis and allergic reactions can also be considered as other possible causes of heavy snoring.

The study shows that as person ages, the skin in their neck loses its suppleness and also brings about snoring. Sleeping on the back is another major factor to consider when snoring. The fatty tissues in the air passages start shaking, as well as limit the flow of air as we breathe.

While it may not be an issue for you, snoring could be irritating for anybody near you while you’re resting. The noise might, in some cases, also wake you up. The other kind of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, is much more destructive to your health and wellness.

Stop Snoring Products

You could be considering surgical treatment, yet prior to making the decision, consider taking a look at various other options. Products on the market vary substantially – you can speak with your medical professional on which one is best for you. Fortunately, many products proven to be effective like the anti-snoring cushion, mouth guards, mandibular advancement devices, tongue stabilizing device and nasal valve dilators are some of the solutions that can help, especially if you don’t want to go through surgery.

What is Stop Snoring Mouthpiece?

An anti-snoring mouthpiece is fit right to the top teeth and jaw and lowers the air pressure in the passage air flow, thus minimizing the energy for throat vibrations. This is by far one of the most comfortable and less invasive products that are sold in the market nowadays.

They are usually made of material contents that are free from latex and BPA (Bisphenol A), which is approved by the FDA. These mouthpieces can be considered as a replacement alternative to medical procedures that may be either expensive or risky.

The mouthpieces are of different types, and one of those will hold the tongue forward and also the jaw. Also available are “boil and bite” snoring mouthpieces, which are quite affordable. The device goes through a softening process when soaked in hot water and it’s then molded to the jaw by biting down on it.

Some mouthpieces can only be obtained when prescribed by the dentist, which cost entails examinations, fittings, and the device itself. Though this may take some reasonable amount of dollars out of your pocket, it is certainly worth it in the sense that the device is specially customized to your needs and it is comfortable without any form of irritation.

Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD)

The Tongue Stabilizing Device was made to come out with a remedy that works, easy-to-use, budget-friendly, non-invasive as well as with high compliance. The device is useful as it keeps the tongue inward as the user sleeps – like a suction mug on the end of the tongue. It takes some time for the user to get used to it though. This device delicately suctions the tongue ahead to open up the airway throughout rest.

Tongue Stabilizing Device

The material consists of a small piece of medical grade silicone plastic that hold on the lips similar to a large pacifier allowing you to insert your tongue into a designated hole. This device is regarded as a substitute to oral appliance meant specifically for snoring and sleep apnea treatment.

A tongue stabilizing device, perhaps the preferred option for snoring treatment for people who feel unpleasant with standard types of treatment like using a continuous positive airway pressure device.

The following are conditions suitable for using a TSD:

  • The absence of any teeth.
  • A bigger tongue than normal.
  • Tooth complication which poses a problem when you bite.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
  • Periodontal issues.

Furthermore, TSD needs no impressions or adaptations, does not have any moving parts; it also can help to stop the snoring of the first day. The most advantage of  TSD is you don’t have to keep biting down to hold it in place, which simply means that you do not need to do anything to keep it in operation. While wearing it, you can be completely at ease.

The tongue stabilizing device was not adjustable for the fact a patient controls tongue protrusion and the suction initiated by the device itself. It is not suitable for those who have difficulty breathing through their nose or have a nasal blockage. This device is not recommended for patients who required using their mouth as a secondary way of breathing when needed.

In fact, not everyone can use this type of device. You need to have the ability to push your tongue out past your teeth to be able to fix the device in position. In case your tongue cannot protrude long enough, it probably may not work for you. Specifically, individuals having an integral frenulum which is the connective tissue pinning your tongue to the ground of the mouth and might be unable to make use of a TSD.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

The mandibular advancement device is particularly made to prevent clog and also keep the airway open, thus preventing a loud snore. Just how does the device do this? Often called Mandibular Splints, these devices normally consist of 2 plates that will be put on to cover the upper as well as lower teeth. As soon as the splint is used, it will reposition the individual’s jaw and will safeguard the patency or openness of the airway.

Mandibular advancement devices are definitely the most popular mouthpiece for snoring that are extensively used the United States. Some may occasionally call it dental sleep devices, or oral appliances and seems much identical to a sports mouth guard.

With improved MAD, the innovative technology is directed towards the appliance design with safety in mind that enabling an individual to breathe through the mouth, allowing free jaw motion, and reducing bulk for comfort.

The best and comfortable types of mouthpieces are such made from models and impressions, emanating from patient’s own teeth to be custom fitted. This type of MAD usually made of thermoplastic which consists of a unique heat-sensitive material.

With these customized mouthpieces, it can help to get minimal dimension and a great fit for each person. It is pertinent to know that using these mouthpieces which are adjustable and customized should come to increase the comfort greatly.

Some MADs are adjustable and come with the setting mechanism which is embedded on the device that allows the bottom jaw to move forward slowly to the desired position. It can be an extremely useful feature because the proper jaw position can achieve the effectiveness and comfort level to every patient.

The safety and its comfort are dependent upon the amount of adjustment involved. Bear in mind that other MAD without the adjustment feature does not portend problems. There are a variety of devices accessible, a few of which aren’t flexible or custom fitted.

Important is to choose an effective device that has support backing with clinical research. The efficacy of over the counter appliances is yet to be brought to the fore and are known to come with potential side effects like damaging the jaw joint.

These negative effects caused few patients to discontinue utilization of the device and are usually not serious. It was discovered that bite in patients may be permanently altered, some are in discomfort positions. Its importance to have the teeth checked by the dentist on a regular basis for individuals who wear mandibular advancement devices.

Features and Benefits of MAD:

  • They’re worn only during sleep and are removable.
  • Custom fitted enables minimal opening of the bite.
  • The effectiveness of adjustable advancement.
  • Some MADs can prevent tooth grinding or jaw clenching.
  • Although the device pulls the jaw forwards, in addition, it also pulls the tongue out such that the airway is opened.
  • TMJ problems are reduced by lateral movement of the mandible and enhance comfort.

The MAD devices are generally effective if you do not have major jaw and tooth complications.  However, it might not be appropriate for someone with very less or no teeth as it needs to fit the bite to hold the jaw. Mandibular advancement devices appear to be helpful for mild to moderate snoring. It also has been reported successful for treated more severe instance of snoring or sleep apnea.

What is Boil & Bite?

The boil and bite are the processes used in the mouthpieces made of thermoplastic material which designed for custom fitted that enable mold the jaw shape of a person. The procedure of boil and bite is simple with the instruction provided in the manual; this method is similarly used in the lab or dental clinics to create a custom mouthpiece, but it can be done at home.

Generally it required placing the mouthpiece into the hot boiled water for a few minutes and this will make the characteristic of the material become soft, then immediately bite on it to print the teeth impression, after that put it into the cold water to retain the shape. You have to be extra careful during the fitting process as some mouthpiece can only be molded one time, if it’s not done properly can be resulted in bad shape, in such case, it will become uncomfortable to wear or even not usable.

Fitting Procedures

Before regular usage, some mouthpiece first needs to be molded into a comfortable shape compatible with the user’s mouth. Fresh from its packaging, the product will initially appear as a rigid mouth guard with an attached tab. Below are the easy steps to customize the mouthpiece:

  1. Heat up an adequate amount of water enough to submerge the entire product. Be reminded not put in the mouthpiece while the water is still in the process of boiling.
  2. While holding its attached tab and being careful not to let the mouthpiece touch the container being used, immerse it into the heated water for precisely 12 seconds only (please check your manual as timing may vary from the different products). This will cause the product’s plastic to soften, allowing flexibility for easier molding later.
  3. Take the mouthpiece out of the hot water and get rid of any excess liquid.
  4. With the aid of its attached tab, adjust your lower jaw forward in a manner that it is till comfortable for you. After securing your jaw in place, then gently put the mouthpiece on it and bite down while still maintaining its forward position. This will cause the warm mouthpiece to be molded into your mouth’s shape.
  5. For an efficient fit, use your fingers to press against your cheeks and lips with the mouthpiece while still on. Tighten your lips and tongue as well around the mouthpiece to further style it into a perfect form.
  6. Submerge the molded mouthpiece into ice-cold water to make its shape firm.
  7. Check if it indeed fits through inserting the customized mouthpiece into your mouth. If its form seems wrong, the mouthpiece is capable of being remolded again through the fore mentioned process.

Note that every mouthpiece requires difference time for the fitting process when putting in the hot water, this is due to the material construction; you must read the instruction manual of the device before molding.

Snoring Mouthpiece Advantages

There are a few different kinds on the market, but they all have one purpose, and it is to stop the cells or soft tissues at the back of the neck from shaking. A lot of work with the concept of keeping the jaw positioned in a way that makes the air passage clear. Many snoring mouthpieces are fairly cheap compared to various other anti-snoring devices, and you can have them made-to-order at a higher price. Some advantages of using a snoring mouthpiece are:

  •  They are easy to use; attach it in and you’re good to go for a good night’s rest.
  • They are affordable.
  • You can have your own custom-made for maximum comfort.
  • You can get one straight from manufacturers.
  • More comfortable when compared to tongue the stabilizers device.
  • It provides instant results, immediately stop the snoring sounds.
  • Can reduce other factors that may cause obstructive sleep apnea, an even more serious problem than snoring.
  • It’s convenient and portable.

Snoring Mouthpiece Disadvantages

The problem with most air devices, as well as some dental devices in the market these days, is that users often find them hard to use as well as uncomfortable. They are typically left behind when traveling because they’re either too bulky or inconvenient.

How to Choose Snoring Mouthpiece

Material and Lifespan

The primary consideration when buying a mouthpiece is aware of what material it’s made of. In case the mouthpiece is tough or inflexible, compensation to the suffering may not be worth the cost, making you feel like it’s better to keep the snoring sound than lose a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if the mouthpiece is just so large that you might not be able to get you into a deep sleep or feel uncomfortable, it may not be worth using it.

The life span of your mouthpiece may depend on that kind of material used or if you’re using it regularly. The life expectancy for high-quality anti-snoring mouth guards that are usually on the market nowadays is six months to a year.

Size and Adjustability

Adjustable Stop Snoring MouthpieceThis really happens to be one of the most neglected areas that first time snore mouthpiece buyers fail to focus on. It’s important that you buy one that guarantees comfort, by reading reviews from people who have used this particular brand.

Fortunately, there’s numerous of adjustable mouthpieces available in the market, and this device can be calibrated to suit the structure of the mouth and jaw shape. If you can afford it, buying one that is custom-made will give you more comfort and will ensure a good sleep throughout the night. Whichever mouthpiece you purchase, make sure that it is comfortable enough that you don’t mind wearing it every evening.

Design and Effectiveness

It’s important to select a suitable type of mouthpiece which is comfortable and easy to use without needed much effort. The generally prominent Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) that press your jaw inward to be highly efficient against snoring. However, this type of mouthpiece design may cause problems such as face or mouth pain and other more serious side effects.

As previously mentioned, a custom-made mouthpiece will greatly help you feel more comfortable. The main goal of custom-made mouthpieces is to provide better comfort as if it’s barely there as you sleep. It may sound odd, but most of the mouthpieces for snoring available in the market simply do not work or have such reduced degrees of success that they’re just an ordinary gamble.

There are simply a handful of good mouthpieces that make up the huge majority of sales and are also among the many reasons why they continue to be picked by people with heavy snoring problems is that they have been proven to work for most people. Prior to buying one, make sure that you check reviews from real people who have had first-hand experience of the mouthpiece that you are planning to buy. It’s also work best that you invest some money on making a few purchases to try out the best ones and see which works best.

Breathing Holes

The two most significant considerations when selecting an anti snoring device is safety and comfort. If a product in the process of fulfilling its function, compromises ones sleep and poses a great health risk, then it’s not a valid option.

Some devices don’t have breathing holes, and not all snorers need them. People with a medical condition that prevent airflow through the nasal cavity or perhaps have sinus troubles may reap the benefits of an anti-snoring mouth piece having a breathing hole. These also can be appropriate for anyone who sleeps with their mouth open.

It’s vital that the hole size is put into considered if you decide to go with any of the products. With a little hole, adequate oxygen will be prevented from reaching your lungs, and with a big hole, your mouth will be forced excessively into an uncomfortable position. It also needs to be mentioned that breathing holes can lead to whistling sounds in the airflow.

Price and Endorsement

Word of mouth is always the best review to find. If you can get recommendations from people you personally know, there’s a greater chance that you can find the best mouthpiece for you. Alternatively, it’s easy to identify an authentic products that are certified by a doctor or with the medical professional endorsement. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to find the most affordable solution to your snoring problem. Always take a time to compare prices with other brands prior to buying and it will help you save money in the long term.

Things That You Need To Know

QuestionsIt is normal to clear your doubt before you proceed to search for other information related to snoring. Here’re some of the most asked common questions that might help everyone to understand about the mouthpieces.

How TSD work?

A tongue stabilizing device is designed to hold the tongue so it will not fall back and block the airway passage. It’s required to squeeze the device to stick it on the tip of the tongue. When the tongue gets into the device hole, release the squeeze for the device to stick the tongue at the desired position.

How MAD work?

MAD or mandibular advancement device pushes the lower jaw position forward, in this way the blocked airways will be cleared. As the upper part of the device functioned as grip and lower part slightly shift the tongue and lower jaw to the desired position.

What type of mouthpiece is better, TSD or MAD?

Both have their advantages and drawbacks, depending on the individual case. For example, an MAD may not be appropriate for patients with dentures who lack the strong upper and lower front teeth to fit a mouthpiece. On the other hand, a TSD can hold the tongue in place during sleep but may not address issues with jaw positioning. Consult your dentist, orthodontist or physician before using either an MAD or TSD.

Can a mouthpiece permanently stop snoring?

When effective in the short term, most mouthpieces ultimately demonstrate long-term success was stopping snoring, as long as they are consistently used as directed. However, if your snoring persists or is replaced by gasping or choking sounds and sensations, consult your doctor. Snoring may be a sign of a more serious condition. Losing weight (if overweight or obese), stopping alcohol consumption right before bedtime and avoiding sleeping on one’s back are among the best permanent methods of stopping snoring.

Can it cure the snoring after long-term use?

Long-term use helps patients get accustomed to what can be an awkward sensation of sleeping with a mouthpiece in place. As it happens, extended correct use is the best way to eliminate snoring. That being said, changing sleeping positions, eliminating alcohol consumption right before bed and, if overweight or obese, losing weight are the surest permanent means of stopping snoring. If you experience gasping or choking sensations or sounds, consult a physician, as this may be a sign of possible sleep apnea.

Can snoring return after stop using the mouthpiece?

Mouthpieces do not provide permanent remedies. Discontinuing use may cause snoring to resume. The appliance should help to control your snoring, proper use of the device with a combination of a healthy lifestyle which can help to reduce the snoring.

Can TSD make my tongue swollen?

A few users of the TSD complaining about the discomfort feel of the tongue’s tip, this may be the only difficulty encountered when using a tongue stabilizer device. So far there’s no patients reported of a swollen tongue. Consult your physician if this occurs.

Can MAD make my jaw sore?

Some patients do experience temporary jaw soreness within the first 1-2 weeks of use before it eventually dissipates and ceases entirely. For any MADs, it can be normal to have discomfort feeling experience on the jaw or facial especially first time using. This happened when forcing to hold the position of the jaw and makes the muscles remain tense.

How many days required being comfy period?

Patients may require anywhere from 1-4 weeks before becoming accustomed to the fit of a mouthpiece. The actual period of the comfortable period may vary from different individual, and some may not feel any displeasure on the very first day using.

How do I keep the mouthpiece germ-free?

Here’s a frequently effective cleaning routine: While holding the mouthpiece with a spatula, rinse with toothpaste, mouthwash, or any anti-bacterial denture cleanser. After shaking off the excess water, store your mouthpiece in a clean, dry anti-bacterial container. You should avoid using alcohol solution that may damage the appliance.

Are adjustable mouthpieces better?

Results may vary, but single-sized mouthpieces can fit awkwardly or uncomfortable and lead to shorter compliance. In turn, lack of uses means they lack of effectiveness as well.

How to get a refund if the mouthpiece does not work?

You should check to ensure that you’ve understood and followed all recommended directions, before buying, check the money back guaranteed period provided and term of return. If your mouthpiece still hasn’t provided a solution to your snoring,. Just contact us for instructions to return the product at no cost to you, and we will provide a complete refund. Guaranteed.

Do expensive mouthpieces work better?

The main difference in quality is that pricier mouthpieces either require custom fitting by a physician, dentist or orthodontist for optimal comfort or are made of softer materials such as high-quality silicone that will more gently fit your mouth. Others are adjustable for ongoing adaptation until you find a fit that’s both comfortable and successful in curtailing snoring. Otherwise, as results go, there are actually few differences in quality between inexpensive mouthpieces and higher-priced products.

Is cheaper device offered from Walmart effective?

They are neither less nor more effective, in the long run. The biggest difference will likely be the comfort level. Higher-priced appliances generally either require a doctor’s custom fitting or are made from higher-grade materials that feel more soft and gentle against your mouth’s soft tissue. Keep in mind, adjustable mouthpieces will also cost a bit more, but have the advantage of personally adapting them to your mouth’s shape and comfort.

Why is it important to get an FDA-approved device?

This is to ensure the device is made from a safe material which is free from BPA, latex or other harmful substances. FDA approval isn’t an absolute guarantee that any product will cure any set of conditions with infallible success. It does validate that your device is made from safe materials and has traits demonstrated to provide valid treatment and health benefits as indicated on its packaging without advanced risks of dangerous side effects.

Can I use with anti-snoring devices with braces?

Yes, these devices are 100% safe for use paired with traditional fixed orthodontic braces. Consult your dentist or orthodontist to find out if combined use with removable braces may interfere with your anti-snoring device’s effectiveness.

Can I use anti-snoring devices with dentures?

MADs are not recommended for use with full dentures, due to the need for strong upper and lower front teeth. If you have partials in your front upper or lower teeth, a mouthpiece is likely out of the question. Partial-denture users may be able to use some anti-snoring devices successfully. Consult your dentist regarding the specific device you would like to try and whether your dentures could cause complications.

Can an MAD help to stop teeth grinding?

Yes. Although often expensive, in addition to successfully treating sleep apnea and snoring, an MAD moves the lower jaw forward in a fashion that has been proven to eliminate bruxism (teeth grinding).

What is the custom mouthpiece fitting process?

For those who have never broken in an athletic mouthpiece. A “boil & bite” is a method of molding a mouthpiece to the wearer’s teeth that involve first immersing the mouthpiece in boiling water to soften it, biting firmly on it for up to 30 seconds to create a viable impression, then cooling it to finish the mold. Almost all mouthpieces require this process to create a comfortable, exact fit.

Is Snoring Mouthpiece Safe to Use?

Despite getting most of the mouthpiece does not require a prescription from a dentist or doctor. However to minimize the possible risk, patients are advised to consult medical experts before purchasing of these mouthpieces if you did not meet the physical requirements below or do not aware of your current medical condition. Please do not order online.

  • Must be least 18 years old or above.
  • Not diagnosed with a severe respiratory disorder like asthma.
  • Not diagnosed with central sleep apnea.
  • Not diagnosed with a temporomandibular joint disorder.
  • No dental implant within last 3 months.
  • No orthodontic treatment for dentures.
  • No pain when using the jaws, chew or yawn.
  • No cheek or muscle pain was surrounding the jaws.
  • Does not have severe gum disease and loose teeth.
  • Does not have a toothache or abscess tooth.

The above checklist provided as a guideline for reference and should not use it as a prescription from a doctor. Don’t risk yourself for buy a snoring mouthpiece to stop the snoring but neglected your other medical condition which may results in serious injury or even death.

Snoring mouthpieces are perhaps one of the most convenient and safe snoring solutions nowadays. You will only have to wear it like a regular sports mouthpiece, and it should fit nicely with your teeth that it will not cause any obstruction as you sleep. With recommendation and assurance from doctors around the world, stop snoring mouthpieces are safe and the only best natural option available up to date.